About Us

     The Fairmont Municipal Liquor Store originally opened on December 10th, 1957 in the old Towers Shopping Center in Fairmont. The citizens of Fairmont voted to open their own Municipal Liquor Store as a way of controlling the sale of alcohol in their community, as well as a way to generate funds to support local projects when State and Government funds were not readily available. By using the liquor store revenues, the citizens of Fairmont would be able to enjoy a lower property tax rate than other similar cities.
     Over the past 54 years the Fairmont Liquor Store has been in operation, more than 
$8 million dollars have gone directly back into the community to support the lake dredging project (almost 30 years), the Southern Minnesota Education Center (Central School renovation) the Fairmont Aquatic Park, the lake restoration fund as well as other services and projects in the past and many more in the future. 
     From an initial investment of $35,000 in 1957, the present day Fairmont Liquor Store generates approximately $400,000 in annual profits which stay right here in our community benefitting all who live and work here.
    Todays budget crisis at the Government, State and Local levels have made it more important than ever to continue successful operations at the Fairmont Liquor Store which will in turn provide much needed revenue to fund our local projects. With your patronage and support, our community will continue to grow and prosper. Thank you for shopping locally, and we look forward to seeing you for years to come!

The Management & Staff
Fairmont Municipal Liquor