Return Policies
  1. Fairmont Liquor does not give cash refunds.
  2. Liquor and wine may be exchanged for other merchandise as long as the following criteria is met:
  3. Receipt must be provided
  4. The product is in good condition and label is intact.
  5. Seal has not been broken.
  6. Wine product must be of current vintage date.
  7. It is a product and size that Fairmont Liquor currently stocks.

Carding Policies

Fairmont Liquor Carding Policy

Fairmont Liquor will accept only the following forms of identification:

  1. Valid photo Minnesota Drivers License. *Paper License application must accompany all clipped drivers licenses.
  2. Valid photo Minnesota Identification Card.
  3. Valid photo Drivers License from another state.
  4. Active Duty Military ID.
  5. All members of a party must provide a valid ID or service will be denied to everyone in the party.

*Remember, no persons under the age of 21 shall be permitted in the Fairmont Liquor store unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Discount Policy
Case Discounts

  • 15% off any full case of Liquor either liters or 1.75 not currently on sale.
  • 15% off any full case of wine 750 or 1.5 liters not currently on sale.
  • 10% off any ten cases of beer not currently on sale.